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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kyle Arlington Speech

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Anonymous said...

OMG…love this. What a beautiful speech by Kyle. If it’s okay with you, I am sending it to both my kids as such a testament to the exceptionalism of the peace corps program and such a wonderful testament from one brother to another.

I am so blown away by that... I forwarded it to my son.
That last sentence particularly gets me... the part about leading his life in effort to brighten the day of those around him, as Joseph did for him.
Its a nice way to think about leading your life. We tend to think about working towards brightening our own days - when its really about brightening the days of those around you.

This is so amazing. I am so teary - what an amazing brother - thank you so much for sharing; it is so inspirational on many levels...

Incredible! So sad, but so great that Kyle is inspired and mature enough to honor his example and live by it.

Thanks for sharing your nephew's speech. It was beautiful. You guys must all be so proud of him. He is handling a shattering experience with a lot of maturity and grace. What a great family you have.

Thank you for sharing. Joseph sounded truly special, someone I would loved to have known. I can't image the depth of your and your family's grief. What a great loss for all. His brother, Kyle seems quite brave (and eloquent) too. I'm sure a lot of people found comfort in his speech and continue to in his presence.